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The Policy team is a boutique think tank of policy experts and technologists focused on issues at the intersection of innovation, governance, and national security.

Focus Areas

For the U.S. to remain the world leader in technology and innovation, we will need to revitalize our R&D and commercialization infrastructure—from universities to public-sector entities to venture capital funds. Securing America for the future will require managing emerging technological risks, addressing persistent challenges to critical industries, and cultivating a policy environment in which new technologies can flourish.

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The Realignment

The United States is in the midst of a dramatic political realignment with shifting views on national security, economics, technology, and the role of government in our lives. Saagar Enjeti and Marshall Kosloff explore this with thinkers, policymakers, and more.

The Dynamist

The Dynamist, a podcast by FAI, brings together the most important thinkers and doers to discuss the future of technology, governance, and innovation. The Dynamist is hosted by Evan Swarztrauber, former Policy Advisor at the Federal Communications Commission.

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