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Lincoln Welcomes Samuel Hammond as Senior Economist

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Lincoln Welcomes Samuel Hammond as Senior Economist

April 3, 2023

Lincoln Network is thrilled to announce that today, Samuel Hammond is joining our policy team as Senior Economist. Samuel's research will focus on innovation and science policy, state capacity, and the impact of disruptive technologies such as AI on U.S. institutions.

Samuel was previously Director of Social Policy at the Niskanen Center, where his research considered how social insurance systems can complement free markets and how public policy can support economic dynamism. TIME recently described him as one of a number of “wonks busy cooking up unconventional proposals to address intractable problems.” At Lincoln, his portfolio will include disruptive technologies, R&D, industrial policy, state capacity, and high-skilled immigration.

You can read Samuel’s musings on his Substack, Second Best, and follow him on Twitter.

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