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Lincoln Network Expands Policy Team with Two New Hires

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Lincoln Network Expands Policy Team with Two New Hires

March 3, 2019

To further our efforts of bridging the gap between Silicon Valley innovators and Washington, DC, policymakers, Lincoln Network has expanded its policy team with two key new hires.

“Lincoln Network specializes in cross-pollinating, network building, and translating between groups that don’t speak the same language.” said Lincoln’s co-founder and executive director, Garrett Johnson. “We are excited about how our growing policy team is going to allow us to amplify that important work.”

Lincoln welcomes Ryan Radia as Senior Policy Counsel, who brings extensive expertise in tech policy. Previously, Radia has worked as a research fellow and regulatory counsel at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, where his work in areas including telecommunications, cybersecurity, media regulation, and Internet freedom has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic, among other outlets. He has also appeared on dozens of TV and radio programs, including on BloombergFox Business, and CNBC. Radia will be guiding Lincoln’s growing policy programs in areas such as privacy, competition and Internet freedom.

Lincoln also welcomes William Upton as Director of Outreach and Communications, who brings extensive public affairs and coalition building experience to Lincoln’s team. He has previously served executive director for the Campaign for American Principles, state affairs manager at Americans for Tax Reform, and most recently, as a senior account executive for CRC Public Relations. He will be responsible for refining Lincoln’s digital and communications strategy, building relationships in the media and coalitions space, and supporting outreach to policymakers.

Both new roles will be based in Washington, DC, and will work closely with Lincoln’s head of policy, Zach Graves, to support Lincoln’s mission to bridge the gap between innovators, technologists, and policymakers to help create a better, freer, and more abundant future. We are excited for the contributions these new hires will make to helping us achieve that vision.

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