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Lincoln Network Becomes the Foundation for American Innovation

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Lincoln Network Becomes the Foundation for American Innovation

April 25, 2023

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Today, Lincoln Network becomes the Foundation for American Innovation. We believe that this new name will help us better convey our mission to our audience of technologists, policymakers, founders, and politicos, reflecting the growing scope and impact of our work.

Let’s take each word in our new name in turn. When we began in 2014, our goal was to host events bringing together D.C. and Silicon Valley, two worlds that often misunderstand each other. But today, thanks to our Labs (previously Studio) and Policy Research teams, we’re not a network, but a central hub, or Foundation, in the movement to make technology work for the American republic.

That brings us to the second word: American. At a time of rising digital authoritarianism abroad, and growing pessimism at home about technology and the American experiment, we take a different approach. The best technologies and companies started in American cities, and we subscribe to a thoroughly American spirit of optimism for a bold and dynamic future.

And finally, we have innovation. In our lifetimes, innovation has lifted millions out of poverty and created opportunities no one could have imagined. Strengthening our country and supporting human flourishing will take continued experimentation and tinkering, as well as a willingness to challenge stagnant industries and old orthodoxies. Innovation—in technology, policy, and governance—will be essential to ensuring a prosperous future.

While our name might be different our mission continues, as we work to develop technology, talent, and ideas that support a better, freer, and more abundant future. Our Research team will continue to study essential issues such as government modernization, R&D in breakthrough technologies, and U.S.-China strategic competition. Our Labs team will continue its technical product development to solve policy problems in education and beyond. And we’ll continue hosting events across the country with the sharpest minds in tech and politics.

On behalf of all of us at the Foundation for American Innovation, we look forward to working with you to shape the future of technology and American society.


Zach Graves
Executive Director
Foundation for American Innovation

Garrett Johnson
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
Foundation for American Innovation

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