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Lincoln Announces New, $1 Million, Multi Year Grant from the Knight Foundation

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Lincoln Announces New, $1 Million, Multi-Year Grant from the Knight Foundation

July 21, 2021

Lincoln Network is excited to announce a major new multi-year grant to expand its policy and programming provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

As we begin 2021, conflict over the future of technology has reached a fevered pitch. Today, millions of Americans are coming to understand what Lincoln Network has said since its very founding: that the worlds of technology and public policy are intertwined, and that bridging these worlds is an increasingly important (and difficult) challenge.

This grant comes out of Knight’s latest call for research proposals, and part of a $5.5M bundle of investments around building capacity in technology governance.

This grant will support Lincoln Network's efforts to promote an informed policy dialogue through:

  • Bolstering research and convenings on key topics including events in tech hubs like the Bay Area, Austin, and Miami
  • Growing the Policy Hackers fellowship and expanding the pipeline for market-oriented technical talent
  • Building a new policy research vertical at the intersection of media, technology, and the creator economy (with a new full-time role to be announced soon)

Lincoln co-founder and executive director Garrett Johnson said, “we are excited to get started on this important work and grateful to Knight for its investment in Lincoln’s future.” Adding that, “this grant will also enable us to expand our programming in cities like Miami, which is playing an increasing role as a business-friendly tech and innovation hub.”

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