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FAI Welcomes Kmele Foster, Michael Kratsios, and Tamara Winter to Board

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FAI Welcomes Kmele Foster, Michael Kratsios, and Tamara Winter to Board

May 16, 2023

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On behalf of the board of directors and Executive Director Zach Graves, the Foundation for American Innovation is excited to announce three new members of our board: Kmele Foster, partner at Freethink/Big Think; Michael Kratsios, former Chief Technology Officer of the United States and Managing Director at Scale.AI; and Tamara Winter, commissioning editor for Stripe Press. You can read more about them below.

Kmele Foster

Kmele is a partner at Freethink/Big Think, a digital media firm exploring the intersections of culture, politics, and innovation. He is a contributor to numerous media outlets and co-host of The Fifth Column podcast. Kmele's civil liberties advocacy and diverse entrepreneurial experience in technology, communications, and consumer goods inform the unique perspective he brings to his work.

Follow Kmele on Twitter.

Michael Kratsios

Michael Kratsios served as the fourth Chief Technology Officer of the United States at the White House and Under Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon. Under his leadership, the White House reoriented U.S. national technology policy towards an explicit primary focus on ensuring continued American leadership in emerging technologies. He is currently the Managing Director at Scale AI, leading corporate strategy and helping accelerate AI applications across industries. Michael was unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate and is the youngest Under Secretary of Defense in history. Prior to joining the White House, Michael invested in and advised technology companies at Thiel Capital. A South Carolina native, Michael graduated from Princeton University and served as a Visiting Scholar at Beijing’s Tsinghua University.

Tamara Winter

Tamara is the commissioning editor for Stripe Press, the publishing imprint of Stripe. Previously, she was the head of strategy at the Charter Cities Institute and as a program associate with the Project for the Study of American Capitalism at the Mercatus Center. She holds a B.S. in economics from Southern Methodist University, where she also worked as a Niemi Fellow in the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom. Her byline has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, a16z, and the Washington Examiner.

Follow Tamara on Twitter.

Additionally, Micah Davis is leaving the board, following his completion of FAI’s staggered board term limits. We are incredibly grateful for Micah’s service to FAI.

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