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Conservatives Unite to Send a Message to Congress: Don’t Nationalize 5G

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Conservatives Unite to Send a Message to Congress: Don’t Nationalize 5G

October 8, 2020

Following the Department of Defense (DoD) Request for Information on a government-managed process for 5G development and action, Americans for Tax Reform led a group of 43 center-right organizations, think tanks, and policy experts in a coalition letter thanking U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD) for his leadership and support for the American competitive approach to 5G deployment. Recently, Sen. Thune along with 18 Republican senators urged President Trump to bolster private-sector deployment of 5G after it was reported the DoD will consider a novel and untested method of sharing government-owned spectrum.

In a letter to Senator Thune, the group expresses concern with rumors that the DoD already has a Request for Proposal it plans to greenlight, and highlights that nationalizing our communications infrastructure from scratch would be slow and at the expense of taxpayers.

“Taxpayers should not foot the bill for something that the private sector is already committed to doing through a free-market approach. America’s private companies have invested decades of research, spent tens of billions of dollars, and are already deploying 5G across the country at a breakneck pace,” the letter states “It makes no sense to think that the DoD, starting from zero, could deploy these networks faster or more efficiently. It would cost tens of billions of taxpayer dollars and take decades to build a network from scratch to nationalize our communications system.”

Click here to read the full article at Americans for Tax Reform

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