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How to Fix Patents

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How to Fix Patents

June 6, 2015

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Patent policy is increasingly failing in its constitutionally enumerated purpose of “promoting the progress of the sciences and useful arts” as a result of patent trolling and an epidemic of granting low-quality patents. For conservatives and libertarians, this should be striking, as the Progress Clause is the only clause in the Constitution that provides a specific purpose for granting the government that power.

In this report, we present a number of suggestions for practical reform to patent policy consistent with the original public meaning of the Patent Clause, which will foster more innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth. Patents are one of the primary ways the federal government regulates innovation and technology throughout the economy, and today it more closely resembles cronyism rather than sensible policy.


  • Why current patent policy is failing important sectors of the economy
  • An in-depth look into 8 ideas for serious patent reform

Is the U.S. patent system broken?

Liberty means the freedom to take a new idea, raise capital, manufacture a product, and sell it to the consumer and win or lose on the merits of your idea—not on which lobbyist you’ve hired or lawyer you’ve gotten to file your claims to the Patent Office for non-inventions.

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