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The Labs team is a group of product experts, designers, and engineers focused on building technology solutions to entrenched policy problems. This team’s work is centered on creating philanthropy-supported tools and infrastructure to address key societal challenges that don’t have the profit potential to attract traditional venture investment.

Our Products


Schoolahoop is a free K-12 school finder application that assists parents in finding great schools, locating scholarship opportunities and getting guidance from local partners in their area.

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Project Nickel

We think it should be easy for the public, from parents and journalists to policymakers to see what public schools spend and where that money goes. Project Nickel exposes how much each public school in America spends per pupil to bring transparency to K-12 school spending.

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BIPbounty’s mission is to support the open source development, research and development of Bitcoin by implementing the first system for crowdsourcing tax-deductible bug bounties for Bitcoin Improvement Proposals and distributing them to bounty winners.

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Our Process

Use research to define a problem or opportunity statement. Our research process includes: user research, surveys, data analysis, market research, and testing of competitors products

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